Don't be scared to get back in the market!

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Were you one of the many buyers who attempted to purchase a home in the past several 
years only to lose out to multiple offers? You may have heard the real estate market is normalizing due to more available inventory.

If you were forced to return to the rental market due to the extreme housing market,
now could be your time to buy. Below are statistics indicating the market is leaning in your favor:

- According to the National Association of Realtors, the number of homes available for sale
is up 26% from 2021, totaling a 3.3-month supply of inventory.
- Nationwide pending home sales are down 20% compared to last year, meaning there is far
less active competition.
- Additionally, the National Association of Realtors reported existing home sales fell
for the
sixth consecutive month. I am sharing this information with you because inventory in Northern Colorado is steadily
increasing and while interest rates are higher, waiting one year for that (*hypothetical) rate
drop could result in missing out on valuable equity gained with appreciation over the next
year (even at a very conservative appreciation rate!). Take a closer look at how much you’re
missing out on by waiting to buy, and contact me if you’re ready to capitalize on the expected

If you've thought about reentering the market, please reach out, as Team Zwickle

would love to help you.