New Job, New Town — Moving to Loveland

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It’s time for the dreaded word: moving. Even though it’s for exciting reasons — be it a new job, transfer, or promotion — the process is still overwhelming. Let this article be your guide to moving to Loveland, Colorado. It will cover budgeting, packing, choosing a location, and more. It can serve as your framework for a successful move, keeping your time, money, and stress as manageable as possible.

  1. Assess your budget.

As with anything else, the process of moving begins with a budget. Find out if you’re receiving any moving costs from your company, then factor in:

  • Real estate costs
  • Transportation costs
  • Packing materials
  • Cost of movers or self-moving costs
  • Storage fees

Another budgetary element to consider is whether you should rent or buy. Renting may include amenities like internet and water bills, as well as a regular handyman to repair any damages. However, those properties may come with more compromises. Buying may come with a lower monthly mortgage payment, but you should also factor in costs like lawn care and variable expenses like repairs.

  1. Make a list of necessities.

Before you start home shopping, you should create a list of necessary qualities in your new home, neighborhood, and town overall. Consider features like:

  • Safe neighborhood
  • Accessibility
  • Number of bedrooms
  • Good school district
  • Proximity to a new job, shopping, recreation
  • Home office (if remote or self-employed)

Since this move largely revolves around you and your new job, be sure to consult with your partner on what’s most important to them in a house and neighborhood. You may have differing ideas on what’s a priority, so collaborate on a numbered list; top items are most important, bottom ideas are negotiable.

  1. Choose a location.

You already know that your general location will be Loveland, but it’s time to narrow down the neighborhood and home. On top of your necessities list, MyMove suggests you should also be on the lookout for problems with the home you’re looking at. Some potential issues include:

  • Foundation faults
  • Bugs and other pests
  • Water damage
  • Roof quality

It may take some time to find a home that has no issues while also checking every box on your necessities list. If you’re buying, you may have room to negotiate to fix any problems. If renting, however, you may run into more of a “take-it-as-it-is” situation. Either way, don’t be afraid to ask for necessary repairs and alterations.

  1. Involve your family.

Moving can make the members of a family feel like they have no control. Your kids must accept that they’ll be attending new schools, while your partner may have to find a new job. According to the Kentucky Counseling Center, all of that on top of moving to a completely new location is mentally and emotionally taxing.

Try involving your entire family as much as you can. Take the kids (if they’re old enough) to open houses and let them peer over your shoulder as you take online tours. Ask them what they want in a new house. You may be excited for this next step in your career, but it will take its toll on your family. Do your best to get them as excited as you are.

  1. Pack smart.

Often the most dreaded aspect of moving is packing. Unless you or your company has hired professional movers, most of your time will be spent packing up your lives. The key is chipping away at it and decluttering as you go. Find items to donate, sell, or give to family. The less to pack, the better!

Pack one room at a time so you can more easily track your progress. In each room, designate a “no packing zone” for items like work documents, financial documents, and jewelry. Get creative: use clothes, bedding, and towels to wrap breakables. Keep items in drawers and use kitchen wrap over the top to keep items steady. These kinds of moving hacks can save you time, money, and boxes.

Your move to Loveland will come with challenges, but none that you can’t overcome. Use this guide to navigate the process and enjoy your new home and new job.